Fish Hunter

Fish Hunter

This type of interactive gaming is important for understanding player types, building better communication with them, managing player life cycle in real time and building knowledge on in-player behavior. Gaming operators gain insights on how the experiences should be managed, giving awareness to feed into marketing activities. Fish Hunter is built in Html5, showcasing top notch high-res graphics, can run on main market browsers and are RNG Licensed.

A Twist on Traditional Slots

At Amazing Gaming, we’re always seeking innovative avenues to move the industry forward. With Fish Hunter, we’ve broken the mould and created a new variety of casino entertainment that beautifully marries the concept of traditional slots with the world of video games.

This RNG-licensed game moves the gameplay away from the reels down to the ocean bed, where players man a cannon surrounded by shoals of tropical fish. Players must hunt the fish, and with each successful catch they receive its respective monetary value. By increasing the multiplier, players gain access to more powerful blasters, making it possible to catch bigger prizes. Lock mode and auto attack give players a tactical advantage with more accurate hunting abilities.

Not only does Fish Hunter offer engaging, high-res entertainment for players, it also provides operators with great insight into player types, allowing you to build better communications plans, manage player life cycles in real-time, and understand in-game player behaviour to better target your marketing activities to the right audience.

Fish Hunter is built in HTML5 and runs on all main market browsers.